An Inside Look at Hack2Build 2023: Analytics Scenarios with SAP Analytics Cloud & Crave InfoTech’s Winning Streak


Hack2Build – Beyond a Hackathon Winners

Innovation serves as the cornerstone of success! This September, the SAP Co-Innovation Lab in North America hosted Hack2Build—an extraordinary event where ingenuity met technical expertise.

We were treated to a captivating display of innovation in creating analytics scenarios and applications using SAP Analytics Cloud and SAP Datasphere. The event gathered 14 committed partners who collectively developed 15 functional prototypes within a week. These prototypes were unveiled in two Demo Jam sessions held on September 8, 2023. Among the competitors, Crave InfoTech claimed the 2nd Runner-Up spot with its Intelligent Customer Segmentation Reporting and Analysis solution. Let’s rewind and relive all the excitement.

Hack2Build Journey: The Contest of Champions

At its heart, Hack2Build aims to accelerate prototyping initiatives, driving market validation, use-case exploration, and technology adoption among SAP partners. This platform allows participants to refine their ideas and gain hands-on experience with SAP technologies and expert support in nurturing these concepts into prototypes. Beyond the hackathon, participants also learn how to package their solutions for go-to-market.


The Participating Companies

During the action-packed week (from 5th to 8th September), the partners tapped into their creativity and technical skills to build potent prototypes using SAP Analytics Cloud and SAP Datasphere. The best part about the event was the contributions from carefully curated specialist teams, including the SAP Co-Innovation Lab and product management units from SAP Analytics Cloud and SAP Datasphere. This blend of high-level expertise gave participants unparalleled access to the latest tools and insights, pushing analytics into exciting new territories. With over 100 participants and multiple keynote sessions, the event served as a breeding ground for cutting-edge solutions.

The Innovative Participants

The participants worked tirelessly, leaving no stone unturned, as they integrated their innovative ideas into SAP BTP. By week’s end, these prototypes were ready for their spotlight moment at the Demo Jam. A panel of expert judges took their time to sift through an array of impressive solutions, ultimately identifying the prize-winning innovations based on specific criteria.

MouriTech’s Insight2Impact and Capgemini’s LNG Maintenance Analytics won top spots on consecutive days. Insight2Impact centralizes warehouse operations, streamlines real-time data, and aids in proactive planning using SAP BTP. On the other hand, Capgemini’s solution focuses on the LNG sector, offering real-time insights that improve decision-making and operational efficiency. It also reduces unplanned downtime, enhancing productivity and cost savings. Both solutions empower their respective sectors with actionable, data-driven insights.

Avvale also left a mark with their remarkable solution – Project Manager’s Dashboard, earning the 1st runner-up place. The solution provides a real-time, centralized view for project managers, tackling the issues of outdated information and inefficient data collection.

Exploring Crave InfoTech’s Intelligent Customer Segmentation Reporting and Analysis Solution

Continuing our winning streak, Crave InfoTech’s Intelligent Customer Segmentation Reporting and Analysis impressed the panel, securing the 2nd runner-up position. 

Our Salesforce-based Intelligent Customer Segmentation Reporting and Analysis Solution is an integrated, high-impact framework merging real-time data processing and predictive analytics. Designed for proactive decision-making and personalized marketing, it offers a unified platform for customer segmentation. 

By leveraging RFM analysis, the solution pulls data from multiple sources into one consolidated dataset and efficiently converts them into actionable insights, giving SMEs in retail and manufacturing increased revenue and customer retention.

Solution Architecture


Intelligent Customer Segmentation Reporting and Analysis Solution Architecture

Built on SAP Business Technology Platform, we leverage SAP Data Intelligence and SAP Analytics Cloud. The RFM analysis pulls data from multiple sources into one consolidated dataset.


Intelligent Customer Segmentation Reporting and Analysis Solution Analytics Dashboard


  • Data Integration: The solution gathers data from multiple sources, including CRM platforms like Salesforce and SAP’s C4C through SAP Data Space.
  • Data Federation and Modeling: With multiple capabilities consumed, such as Geo map modeling and other analytical modeling, the solution offers extensive data manipulation features.
  • Reporting and Analytics: Utilizing SAC, the application produces interactive dashboards focusing on key performance indicators, including sales value, volume, net profit, and more.

Paving the Way for Tomorrow: The Real Impact of Hack2Build

Hack2Build was more than a mere competition— it served as an incubator for visionary minds committed to redefining the future of analytics. Above all, it is an essential launchpad for our partners, propelling them into the critical next phase—BUILD. As we peek into the future, we see a horizon filled with unprecedented opportunities, and we are eager to witness the transformative impact these disruptive technologies will unleash on the industry.

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