SAP BTP Innobytes – September 2023

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September marks the end of the summer holiday season for the northern hemisphere which means mornings and evenings are chillier, days are shorter and the countdown to SAP TechEd has begun!

For SAP BTP Innobytes, September also marks the first ever edition with a bonus update! The Release Navigator for SAP BTP, if you haven’t already heard, will make finding information on SAP BTP innovations that much simpler. Hopefully, you’ll enjoy the extra 60 seconds of this month’s episode!

As stated in previous editions, our Application Development portfolio can’t just stop at “development”. We need to continue to support our customers throughout the lifecycle of their applications. Therefore, we’re happy to highlight two important innovations connected to our DevOps portfolio:

  • Integration of SAP Analytics Cloud with SAP Cloud Transport Management
  • Monitoring custom-built apps on SAP BTP with SAP Cloud Application Lifecycle Management

Artificial Intelligence is everywhere. SAP BTP is no exception. With our SAP AI Business Services, we connect AI to a business specific use case. In this episode, you’ll learn why updating trained classification models is now faster, more flexible, and sustainable. Check out the new “Transfer Learning” feature for Data Attribute Recommendation.

Application Development Innovations on SAP BTP

Integration of SAP Analytics Cloud with SAP Cloud Transport Management

If you’re using SAP Analytics Cloud, you might have already asked yourself when it would be possible to transport artifacts between your tenants using SAP Cloud Transport Management. The answer is… NOW! SAP Analytics Cloud just joined the growing number of SAP BTP services that are integrated with SAP Cloud Transport Management. If you’re not yet using SAP Analytics Cloud… what are you waiting for?

With this integration, you can select SAP Analytics Cloud Content Network Packages from your source tenant and attach them to a transport request. Then you can import the transport request into your target tenants, deploying the attached packages. This allows you to use the same tool to transport both your analytics content and, for example, the SAP HANA Cloud changes it is built upon.

Last but not least, with this innovation, analytics content can be managed with our Change Management tools on SAP Cloud ALM and Solution Manager.

Learn more:

Monitor SAP BTP Custom-Built Apps with SAP Cloud ALM for Operations 

Monitoring  your applications allows you to have a better understanding of how those applications are reacting in the “real world”. Thanks to this innovation, you can now use SAP Cloud ALM to monitor your custom-built applications on SAP BTP and get deep technical insights!

Let’s talk about some of the highlights:

  • With Real User Monitoring you can learn about usage and performance.

  • Health Monitoring provides insights into your applications with metrics, like memory consumption.

  • Exception Monitoring helps you understand potential error situations by collecting exceptions.

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Note: SAP Cloud ALM is included in your cloud subscription containing Enterprise Support, cloud edition and in SAP Enterprise Support.

Artificial Intelligence Innovations on SAP BTP

Transfer Learning for Data Attribute Recommendation

Updating and maintaining machine learning models are key steps in incorporating new data and adapting to recent changes in the business.

Re-training a machine learning model from scratch can be time consuming and resource intense. In comes a new feature called Transfer Learning to Data Attribute Recommendation, one of SAPs AI Business Services, running on SAP BTP.

So far, it has not been possible to update existing models with new information.

Instead, a completely new training run was required.

With the introduction of Transfer Learning, you can now update a trained classification model by simply uploading new data and triggering a training run to incorporate the changes.

With ever-increasing data volumes, this not only saves time when updating a machine learning model but also provides more flexibility in the model’s lifecycle. Consequently, this feature also helps lower computational resources, which supports the reduction of the overall carbon footprint and supports sustainability.

Nevertheless, keep in mind that this new feature does not replace the concept of re-training a machine learning model from scratch. How you approach re-training will depend on your data and your use case as it can lead to positive, as well as negative side effects.

Learn more here.

Bonus Update

Now Live: Release Navigator for SAP BTP – Your One-Stop-Shop for Release Information

Staying up to date on all the new feature releases for SAP BTP can be challenging. There is a long list of excellent release resources out there, but gathering them for each release can be time consuming.

So to make this process easier and more convenient for you, we are happy to announce the launch of the release navigator for SAP BTP. This new tool gathers curated release resources for SAP BTP products and services, so you can stay up to date on all the new feature releases.

The tool will be available to all SAP customers via SAP Enterprise Support.

Learn more:

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