Accelerate Business Value and Innovation with Modern Integration – Join the Webcast

As organizations work on digital transformation or automation initiatives, updating IT technology is imperative to take advantage of the latest innovations, and to drive new business value while reducing costs.

This all starts with modernizing your integration layer. SAP’s integration approach and solutions go far beyond the technical integration of applications. It delivers the holistic integration of data, technology, events, and business processes to provide significant value to your business. You can accelerate the speed of innovation, gain instant insights, and facilitate real-time responses while reducing the complexity of operations, and lowering efforts and costs for integration.

Save your seat for the October 17 webcast.

Legacy systems got you here; iPaaS can take you where you want to go. Ready to learn how?

Join our webcast to learn how to:

  • Integrate end-to-end business processes across heterogeneous, distributed landscapes with enterprise-grade performance.
  • Accelerate time-to-value while lowering integration costs and risks using thousands of pre-built integrations and connectors.
  • Enable personalized experiences, collaboration, and real-time situation awareness with comprehensive, automated processes.

You’ll hear customer success stories, real-world use cases, and will learn how to drive immediate business impact with a modern integration platform.


SAP Integration Suite is a comprehensive, cloud-native, fully managed integration platform as a service (iPaaS) solution. It supports all forms of modern-day integration patterns, along with prepackaged content and AI-based technology built in to accelerate the support of new integration scenarios within and beyond an organization’s IT landscape.

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