New ABAP Cloud Partner Certification Academy opens doors

Hi, ABAPers!

As it was announced in the blog Hey ABAPers, Get Ready for the Cloud Evolution of ABAP and Check Out the New Partner Enablement Offerings   classic ABAP certifications and training programs have been retired as of July 31, 2023. Instead, new learning journeys and new certification, focused on ABAP Cloud were introduced:

Learning journeys:

Certification exam:

The 2 learning journeys and certification above target at building modern ABAP skills from scratch. In other words, it gives you an overview of the basic properties of the ABAP programming language (including ABAP Cloud) for a fresh non-ABAP programmer.

For those, who already know ABAP, let’s call them ‘classic’ ABAP developers, they will have a task to go through the whole learning content and find out new ABAP Cloud concepts themselves, which might take some time.

To address the needs of those classic ABAP developers and quickly help them to upskill to ABAP Cloud we designed a new ABAP Cloud Partner Certification Academy, where we carved out ‘classic’ stuff and concentrated only on new features.

Academy goes in 3 simple steps:

1. Take the Delta Academy

The Academy is held in virtual mode via 3 sessions x 3 hours each, led by experienced SAP instructors. Please see The Academy schedule below.

The Academy does not include hands-on exercises. As a practical part of the Academy participants are welcome to do “click-through mode” offline exercises, which are part of above learning journeys and can be completed by participants in extra time outside of the sessions.

Optionally participants are offered additional “Ask the expert” session on a next week after they digest all received knowledge & complete exercises.

2. Review the content

It is important to highlight again, that Academy provides only delta content, while certification exam covers all topics ‘from scratch’ that is why it remains attendees’ responsibility to get familiar with all the Learning Journey content to pass the certification exam.​ Being an experienced ABAP developer reviewing the content helps to refresh the topics and techniques, which you probably did not use for some time.

3. Take the new certification test

Please note that learning journey content and certification exam questions change occasionally, and it is your own responsibility to ensure you are up to date with the latest learning content.

Participating in the academy will increase efficiency in learning for certification but does not guarantee automatically successful certification.


The Academy itself is an SAP investment in partner ecosystem and is free of charge for partners committed to certify participants. You should still have your certification attempt in place, unless there is additional promotion announced.

Value for partner

  • Expand Skills – gain expertise with ABAP Cloud to build custom extensions in SAP S/4HANA Cloud & help customers accelerate innovation
  • Enhanced Learning – get a clear understanding of the content, carved out for you, and certification expectations at an accelerated pace
  • SAP Experts – engage with SAP experts to help navigate the content & get your questions answered live

What next?

After successful certification you might be interested in getting your hands dirty with some practical experience. For that see the picture below and consider our famous Dev4S4C hands-on, which is an additional live instructor led session. There you can practice in building a small extension in S/4HANA Cloud, a custom API for side-by-side extensibility and more, following with the Badge achievement. See details here – Dev4S4C.

How to get enrolled

The first run of ABAP Cloud Partner Certification Academy is planned for December 2023 – stay tuned for updates of this blog and Partner Portal S/4HAHA Private Cloud section. The Academy will then be held on regularly during 2024 once in a quarter with sessions friendly for different geographies in public mode (1:many partners). Please follow Partner Portal (link is coming soon) for the actual schedule.

I welcome your questions here at the bottom of the blog.

Have a good learning!






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