S/4Hana 2023 – Fiori Integration with Microsoft Teams is Possible

Integration with Microsoft Teams

Indeed, this is going to be a good option where co-workers can collaborate and resolve the issues. We have to enable Share: Microsoft Teams integration option using the available plug-ins and obvious some configuration would be required.


Share: Microsoft Teams with the options As Chat and As Tab. 🙂

  • As Chat:

Collaborate and quickly resolve issues, if necessary, simply by using Microsoft Teams As Chat to share a direct link with co-workers. You can provide them with access to a specific state of an SAP Fiori application, for example, so they can easily process any requests you have or tasks that come up.

  • As Tab:

Work efficiently with a group of co-workers on specific content that you share in the form of a Microsoft Teams tab. Use the Microsoft Teams environment to work on the same context of an SAP Fiori application and use the tab conversation option in parallel to share ideas, discuss, and collaborate.

Fiori Launchpad –


Teams – Manage Apps – Allowed S/4Hana



  1. The following restrictions apply to the Share: Microsoft Teams feature:
    • It is not supported on mobile devices and tablets.
    • It is not supported on all browsers.
  2. The Share: Microsoft Teams feature is not available for the following applications:
    • Apps using SAP GUI for HTML.
    • Web Dynpro apps.
    • Apps and transactions based on the WebClient UI for the Customer Relationship Management framework.


For More Information follow SAP Help SAP_S4HANA_ON-PREMISE.


Naveen Jain

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