About structuring the Standard content in Extended Workarea in SAP Enable Now

Hi All,

As part of SAP Companion configuration, I established a connection to SAP Standard Content and got the Connected Workarea. Next, when I created the Extended Workarea based on the Connected Workarea, all the standard content from SAP is copied into the Extended Workarea. By default, the standard content is loaded under the Unsorted folder, as shown in the picture below:

MicrosoftTeams-image (8).png

Question 01: Can the standard content remain under Unsorted? OR, As a best practice, should I move it to a separate Content folder created outside Unsorted? In addition to standard content, I will be creating lots of custom SAP Companion content as well? In that case, can my custom content + standard content be under the same Content folder? Is there any best practice for that? If I move the standard content to a different folder, will there be any issue when the standard content is automatically refreshed?

Question 02:

How frequently is the standard content refreshed in my Extended Workarea? If I happen to edit any standard content in my Extended Workarea, will the edited object be reverted when the standard content refresh happens?

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