Supplier cannot view GR and SE on their side

Dear all 

We met a special case in these days, before we have two test supplier account on our test Business Network, and everything is OK, but in recent days we create another supplier account to do the test, but this supplier can’t receive GR and SE successfully, and related PO’s status will not update accordingly.

For example if we use MIGO to post GR in our ERP system, the PO’s status will update to “Received”, we also can find related GR document on our Ariba system, but on supplier side the PO’s status is still “Shipped”, nothing changed.

We also checked the CIG side, we found our as for GR, we can’t find ReceiptRequest or StatusUpdateRequest these two document type, and as for SE, we can’t find  ServiceEntrySheet document type, we think this is the main reason that supplier can’t receive these document on their side.

We think this is the mapping problem, but we don’t know where to maintain the mapping relation, kindly help us about this problem, thanks!

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