Implementing Workflow for Transaction Codes F-28, F-29, and F-36 in SAP

Hello SAP Community,

I am currently working on enhancing our SAP system by adding workflow capabilities to the following transaction codes: F-28 (Post Incoming Payments), F-29 (Post Customer Down Payment), and F-36 (Clear Customer). My goal is to implement workflows that will ensure proper authorization and tracking for these financial transactions.

My specific questions are:

  1. Feasibility: Is it possible to implement workflows for these specific transaction codes in SAP? If so, are there any standard workflows available for them, or would this require a custom development?

  2. Best Practices: What are the best practices for creating and implementing workflows for financial transactions in SAP? Are there any particular considerations or common pitfalls I should be aware of?

  3. Technical Guidance: Could you provide detailed steps or guidelines on how to configure these workflows? For instance:

    • Setting up the workflow templates.
    • Defining the triggering events for these transactions.
    • Assigning agents and setting up approval processes.
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